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Keeping Our Buses Clean and Safe

November 4, 2022

Dear BPS Parents/Guardians,

In recent weeks, my office has been made aware of several unfortunate incidents of students engaging in inappropriate or unsafe behavior on our school buses. I want to remind everyone that taking the bus is a privilege, not a right. Anyone who vandalizes a BPS bus, vapes, or engages in unsafe behavior that is distracting to the driver will not be allowed to take the bus until further notice.

We expect our students to demonstrate respectful behavior and to closely follow their drivers’ instructions. The vast majority of our students do just that every day and we do not want their transportation experience to be negatively impacted by a small group of students.

We’re making parents/guardians aware of this issue in hopes that you will talk to your children about the importance of behaving appropriately on the bus. We understand that removing a child from the bus due to unsafe behavior forces parents/guardians to find alternate transportation and it is a last resort option that we’d like to avoid.

Thank you in advance for supporting our efforts to maintain safe and clean buses.


Michael P. Thomas

Superintendent of the Brockton Public Schools